Hisense soundbars – add depth to TV sound

Hisense soundbars

Hisense soundbars – makes sense to buy the same brand as the TV, if only to use the same remote control.

GadgetGuy has not reviewed any Hisense soundbars yet but it won’t be long before Thomas Bartlett is fussing around with his dB and FR meters and passing judgement. You can read more here.

Hisense soundbars

Here is what we know – a soundbar adds the missing ‘sound’ link to any TV

  • 5.1.2 channel Dolby Atmos Sound Bar $999.00
  • 2.1 channel Sound Bar $349.00
Hisense soundbars

HS512 – 5.1.2

  • Dolby Atmos surround sound technology, 380W
  • 11 built-in speakers with four upward-firing drivers
  • Wireless 8-inch subwoofer 240 x 420 x 242mm
  • Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, AUX, USB, Optical and Coaxial connections
  • DTS:X, 4K and HDR pass-through
  • Wall mountable 1200 x 73 x 110

HS215 – 2.1

  • Dolby Digital and DTS technology, 100W
  • HDMI-ARC, Bluetooth, AUX, USB, Optical and Coaxial
  • 6.5-inch subwoofer 210 x 325 x 248mm
  • 980 x 56 x 81mm

Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia, said:

“Australians are increasingly seeking to enhance their at-home entertainment experience. We now have two high-quality audio solutions in our 5.1.2 and 2.1 channel Sound Bars. Customer demand for Hisense products continues to grow, and the introduction of Sound Bars in the Australian market is the next big step in meeting this demand.”