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You don’t need to spend a bomb for a modern, good-quality TV with plenty of technology onboard. The Hitachi 4K Android TV range is a great example. It has a QLED screen and HDR10 for a great picture.

You can pick up the 50/55/60″ Hitachi 4K Android TV at GoodGuys starting from $899/1099/1499.

Channel Seven Surnrise GadgetGuys Val Quinn takes the 50″ Hitachi 4K Android TV for a spin in our latest Product Tour video. For a text summary, see below.

Hitachi in the house

Hitachi is a company that’s already well known to many Australians. Their televisions are built to high standards and even backed up with a comprehensive 3-year warranty. They are distributed in Australia via Tempo.

Its latest Ultra HD Android TV (QLED SM20 series) range are in 50/60/65″ and all share the same tech. We’ve featured the 50 in one in our video.

The range is packed with cutting edge features – and they’re easy to use too.

You’ll also love its sleek and stylish look, with a slim-frame design, meaning tiny borders surrounding the screen.

4K UltraHD picture quality

Hitachi 4K Android TV side shot

Let’s start with arguably the most important feature, the picture. 

And there’s a lot to discuss – as there are a few different technologies working together to create this gorgeous display. 

First up, this is an UltraHD screen. It is ‘4K’ and is all about incredible picture detail. 

UHD TVs can display 4 times the detail of regular 1080p high definition screens. They have over 8 million tiny dots, or pixels.

TV resolution diagram with Ultra HD
‘4K’ or Ultra HD can display 4 times more detail than Full HD

Quantum-dot colour

Next up, colour. Hitachi 4K Android TV feature a Quantum-dot panel. Apart from sounding impressive, this produces considerably brighter and richer colours than conventional LED TVs. 

Quantum dots on a TV panel
Super-tiny quantum dots create brighter, purer colours

It’s made possible by using incredibly tiny ‘nano-crystals’ that emit very pure red and green light when exposed to a blue backlight behind the TV panel.  

What is HDR10?

And last, there’s dynamic range. The Hitachi 4K Android TVs support HDR10 (High Dynamic Range). Its a step up from HDR and a step below Dolby Vision. It creates a picture that mimics the way our eyes see things in real life.

So, imagine a dimly lit room with a large window in the centre. In the shadowy corners, you can make out the fine woodgrain floorboards – and there’s a sunny blue sky though the window.