Hitachi 55PD8800TA

There are plenty of plasma screens on the market around the 50 inch + size, but a few of them have some standout features. One such screen is the Hitachi 55PD8800TA.

To start, it’s an unusual 55 inch size. This only makes it 5 inches larger than the popular 50 inch size, but those 5 inches do make a big difference. The 55PD8800TA also includes a range of other innovative features, such as its digital connectors. HDMI is a fully digital-to-digital video and audio connection, and there’s no quality lost in transit through analog conversion. The 55PD8800TA sports no less than two HDMI connectors, so you can hook it up to two input sources without sacrificing any quality.

It also features an SD card reader and USB port, so you can plug your digital camera straight into the screen and run a slideshow on the spot. The specifications also claim the impressive capability to reproduce up to an incredible 68 billion colours.

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