Hitachi CVSH20V

The Titanium Gold canister vacuum cleaner is a compact, streamlined device that uses ‘Cyclone System’ core technology to ensure good cleaning results. Achieving a power level of 2000W, it is designed to rapidly and powerfully pick up dirt, dust and other small debris. Hitachi claims that this machine’s bagless function maintains suction power and offers easy dirt disposal, allowing users to clean up without getting their hands dirty.

Setting up

Initial assembly of the CV-20SH20V could be made simpler as the seven page instruction leaflet contains poorly written instructions in both English and Russian. Moreover, small diagram sketches highlight which parts require connection. Larger, clearer and more true to life diagrams would make the initial assembly of this machine much simpler. However, once you decipher the diagrams, assembly is completed in minutes.

To set up the vacuum cleaner, you are required to attach the hose and joint pipe; attach the joint pipe to the ‘intake port’ (which in itself sounds quite confusing); attach the extension pipes together (they click together with a twist); and extend the telescopic pipe. Next, simply press the power switch on the vac’s base unit and start vacuuming.


The cyclonic system is the most compelling feature of this machine, as well as an electronic power control on the base of the vacuum cleaner that allows you to turn the suction power up or down using a dial. For stronger suction it’s recommended that users turn the dial to the right (for thick carpets or hard floors) or to the left for reduced suction (when cleaning curtains and delicate fabrics). On some surfaces the suction is so powerful that it is not easy to move the vacuum cleaner’s head across the floor, so it’s worth experimenting with.

You can also control suction pressure by swivelling an adjustment ring on the curved joint pipe which opens to expose a hole. The bigger the hole is opened, the lower the suction. Less suction pressure is recommended for more delicate items.

The ‘deluxe type’ rug and floor nozzle is poorly named, as it seemed to be a very basic floor tool. It has a brush at the back which can be withdrawn for carpet cleaning while the brush can either be projected or withdrawn with the click of a pedal with your foot on the floor nozzle.

Maintaining the filtration system

Like any vacuum cleaner, even a bagless model is going to need emptying. If your vacuum cleaner dust case is too full, an orange sign appears in the filter maintenance window on the vacuum cleaner’s base. This generally indicates air to the motor is reduced. Keep an eye on the filter maintenance window because the motor can burn out if there is not enough air being passed to the motor.

Cleaning and maintaining the filters on this vacuum cleaner was probably the most straightforward aspect of this vacuum cleaner. Packed with the manual is a one page, colour filter maintenance guide which was very easy to understand, complete with colour diagrams. Users simply take the dust case out of the vacuum cleaner, hold it over a rubbish bin, push the ‘open’ button on the dust case lid and the dust case lid flips down, debris falling into your rubbish bin. A small brush is supplied with the vacuum cleaner and this is good for removing excess debris from the filter. There is also a dust removal lever on the dust case which you can move from side to side to help remove the dirt.

Inside the dust case is a pleated black filter, which should also be checked for dirt.  You can simply tap this dirt into a rubbish bin. Next you are required to clean out the cyclone cylinder from inside the dust case. This can be cleaned under a tap and re-assembly is straightforward. The wording of this cleaning process is poor though, with users advised to “remove the filter downward with keeping opened?when you reinstall it, put the filter by contrary way of removal”.


Once underway, the machine was very easy to operate. The suction power of this machine is substantial and the suction control dial on the base of the machine came in handy when switching from hard floors to carpet and onto furniture coverings. The floor tool is very basic but it’s what you would expect for a vacuum cleaner in this price range.

Maintaining the filters on this machine was easier than some other models we have tested and we found the machine very easy to manoeuvre.


This is a well priced cyclonic vacuum cleaner for those who want a basic, no-fuss, budget cyclonic machine.

Reviewer: Ella Smith

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Compact design, easy to remove, empty and clean dust case
No container full indicator, poor instruction manual makes assembly more complex than it needs to be