Hitachi fridge keeps food triple clean

Hitachi’s latest 550 litre stainless steel refrigerator (R550ET5X – $1,799 RRP) incorporates ‘triple clean’ technology which the company says is designed to keep food fresher and tastier for longer.

Triple clean technology combines a nano-titanium filter, a negative-ion generator, and a multi-flow system. Hitachi’s negative ion generator and nano-titanium filter work together to neutralise bacteria and odours which are commonly found in fridges. Hitachi says they help food keep its original flavour and texture for longer.

 The negative ion generator produces negative ions that travel through the refrigerator absorbing bacteria and odours and suppressing bacteria growth. The antibacterial nano-titanium filtration system captures and eliminates bacteria and odours to the scale of five nanometres through filtration in the air canal of the fridge wall. As well as trapping and preventing up to 99% of the particles from travelling through the filter, the nano-titanium filtration system also keeps fresh, purified air circulating throughout the fridge.  

Another technology inside this fridge is Hitachi’s multi flow system which circulates clean air to every corner, helping maintain consistent temperature and reducing food wastage.

Other features

  • Freezing button: sets freezer to quick freeze mode, freezing food in a third less time than conventional freezers
  • Energy saving function: designed to be used during periods of lower use saving up to 20% in energy costs
  • Anti-bacterial door coating with stainless steel for keeping it dirt resistant and fingerprint free
  • Shatter-resistant tempered glass shelves hold up to 100 kg
  • Glide out crisper for easy access to stored items
  • Humidity control system keeps food fresh for longer by maintaining optimum moisture levels


83.5 x 171 x 71.5 cm (W x H x D)

Source: Hitachi