HIZERO F803 all-in-one cordless bionic floor cleaner (review)

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The HIZERO F803 all-in-one cordless bionic floor cleaner is a motorised mop and sweeper all-in-one to help reduce hard floor cleaning time. To be precise, it is not a vacuum but a mop and sweeper that can remove most floor dust and detritus.

Not being a vacuum has advantages too. No dust blown back into the air, quieter, no need for a massive battery and less weight at only 3.9kg. It also means that it has a clean water bottle, and the dirty water is wicked back to the dirty water bottle, leaving floors considerably dryer than any mop could. Solid detritus goes to a waste tray.

HIZERO F803 all-in-one cordless bionic floor cleaner

WebsiteProduct page
ManualPDF – suggested reading if you want to buy one
Price$899 with free Australian delivery
Warranty2-year back to base (Offices in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Western Australia 1 800 662 301
Country of OriginChina
CompanyGlobal Chinese company (Est 2013). The brand favourably competes with Bissell and Karcher.
HIZERO is exclusively distributed in Australia by the same company distributing LAURASTAR ironing appliances for over 24 years (Innovative Home Solutions Pty Ltd).
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It looks like all major parts – including the battery – are replaceable, which is a massive bonus for a long-life keeper.

As there is no app, all you need to do is charge, fill with water/cleaner and go.

Battery life

The 2150 mAh battery gives about 60 minutes of cleaning time regardless of cleaning mode. The 24V/1A/24W recharge is a little slow – between 3-4 hours. Over three weeks, we confirmed these times.

But one of the biggest bonuses is a replaceable 18V/2.15A/38.7W F8Z-BTA04 battery pack that you should be able to buy for <$150. Given that the battery likely has at least 200 recharge cycles (it could be 500), it should last five years or more with weekly use.

Consumer or commercial use?

This is a consumer-grade device suitable for hard floors like sealed timber, laminate, ceramic tiles etc. It uses HIZERO cleaning solution (2L for $37.40)

The polymer roller ($38.95)and brush roller ($28.95) needs replacement every six months. There is a kit with both rollers and 1 litre of cleaner at $86.60. There is a warning not to expose the polymer roller to alcohol, vinegar, bleach, alkaline washing powder, or degreasers, limiting its use in commercial situations where disinfectants are required.


It is a motorised mop – no degree required. Assuming you have set it up, all you have to do is turn it on and mop.

But not like a traditional mop where you might swish it around. This does its best work in a forward and backwards motion. Forward wets and scoops up any detritus and back wicks the water away, leaving a fine, quick-drying water film.

So, it needs more precise movement, and while it is on wheels and the roller propels it forwards, there is some resistance bringing it back. And there is some resistance to changing directions or hefting the device.

For that reason, we cannot recommend it for those with Arthritis or stiff wrists. There are more manoeuvrable mops like Karcher FC 7 that glide effortlessly over the floor. For all others, the 3.9kg heft is not an issue.

More precise forward and backwards strokes are best; otherwise, you will leave too much water on the floor.

Results – impressive

I have never liked manual mops as all you do is swish dirty water around. I have never liked robomops that drag a damp cleaning cloth over the floor. So this is so far ahead of these there is no comparison to a standard mop.

Floors are clean, and hard to remove dried milk or coffee stains are gone. In all, it is one of the best motorised mops I have used.

But the caveat is that it is not a vacuum cleaner, so you may want to run a robovac or Dyson Stick over the floor first.

Battery life and cleaner operation

HIZERO claims 60 minutes life – tests prove that is close enough. But it also claims you can clean 100m2 in 8 minutes. We cleaned 60m2, and it took closer to 20 minutes. I have been mopping for a very long time, and I don’t think I am slow!

It also claims 1 litre of water/cleaner for100m2. That is not far off as we needed to refill at 50m2, and there was about a third of a 500ml tank left. The wastewater collection is very efficient – the remaining water on the floor is minimal.

We used level 2 cleaning, but it left too much water on the Bamboo floor. Noise is about 60db – quiet.


After every use, you should clear the detritus tray. Clean the rotating brush and run cleaning mode on the polymer roller (about five minutes).

It is easy, although a little time-consuming. And if you don’t thoroughly clean it, then the mopping results will decline. It comes with a plastic stand to store the device and rollers (optionally) when not in use.

HIZERO cleaning
The polymer roller is soft and needs care

GadgetGuy’s take

We have used the HIZERO F803 for three weeks (three full mops), and while that cannot possibly reflect long term use, we feel it has the quality build for a long term investment. Also, remember that you need to regularly replace rollers and keep it clean.

Given that it left streak-free clean tiles and bamboo flooring, we can’t fault it. Our only caveat is that it is not for those with limited wrist movement.

Value for money
Ease of use
Excellent results if used properly (forward and back motion)
60 minutes battery means about 100m2 cleaning
500ml water tank is good for about 50m2 (7 x 7m)
Slow charge time
Factor-in cost of consumables
Need to be thoroughly cleaned after each use
Requires floor space and nearby power for the storage stand