The Boring Phone brings sexy transparent tech back

The Boring Phone HMD Heineken
Image: supplied.

Transparent technology is undeniably cool. More companies should let us see inside the devices we spend so much time using. It’s also why, as far as brand collaborations go, the “Boring Phone” absolutely rules.

HMD teamed up with Heineken and Bodega to produce the feature flip phone, replete with see-through casing, to encourage people to spend less time on phones. It follows a similar ethos to the Barbie-themed handset teased earlier in the year, aimed at Gen Z users keen to cut down on social media use.

In a Heineken survey of millennials and Gen Z phone users, 90% admitted to doom scrolling when socialising with others. Social media is the biggest culprit, with 62% checking apps while with friends, and 36% even checking work emails.

HMD The Boring Phone Heineken Bodega
Image: supplied.

Stripping away the smart features synonymous with modern devices, the Boring Phone harkens back to early 2000s design trends. On the outside is a small 1.77-inch screen, accompanied by the main 2.8-inch display when you flip the phone open. It’s also both 4G and Bluetooth-compatible, with dual-SIM compatibility.

Some of the specs are one heck of a throwback. You’d typically scoff at 128MB (yes, megabytes) of internal storage, but why would you need more for just talking and texting? The Boring Phone does have a MicroSD slot, supporting up to 32GB, just in case you need more space.

Imagine the selfies you could take with its 0.3MP camera! But then one thing stands out as the ultimate benefit of feature phones: battery life. Although 1,450mAh capacity is considered miniscule these days, no high-end applications drain it. HMD advertises more than a week of standby time, and up to 20 hours of battery life when making calls.

The Boring Phone is anything but

The first official public unveiling of the Boring Phone takes place this week at Milan Design Week. Afterwards, it’ll be available as a limited-release device around the world. For those who miss out on the eye-catching device, an app is due out in June that gives smartphones the “boring” treatment.

It’s not the first time Heineken has nailed its promos. In 2022, the Dutch beer brand allied with the working class, releasing a smart bottle opener that made sure you knocked off on time.

A return to the era of transparent devices? I’ll raise a glass to that.

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