One of the downsides of living in Australia is that we don’t get access to some of the coolest multimedia services coming out of America and the UK, but a new plugin for web browsers attempts to fix that, at least for the moment.

Designed to let you circumvent the geographic blocking that various web services utilise, Hola is a free service that works on Windows and Mac OS X, depending on how you surf the web.

Hola is currently available in an extension for Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers – sorry IE and Safari users – as well as being available in a program for Windows.

Currently, Hola “unblocks” some of the more popular sites that Aussies may be trying to gain access to, such as the TV super site Hulu, movies on Netflix, and BBC’s iPlayer, as well as some of the sites for TV networks CBS and Fox over in America.

Radio replacement service Pandora is also included in the sites Hola unblocks, but Australia is now one of the nations Pandora serves since it launched late last year.

From our testing, Hola seems to work quite well, gaining us access to the services on offer, and allowing us to stream movies and TV shows through our computers. BBC’s iPlayer is working a treat, as is access to the shows on Fox, for instance.