Hollywood at home

Home cinema has stepped up a notch with the latest breed of ?Hollywood? digital projectors, writes Sarah Stokley.

The evolution of home cinema is a dream come true for anyone who grew up loving the movies. Digital projectors have reached a point in their evolution that they?re not just for business anymore, and many companies have specific ranges designed exclusively for home cinema. And of these home theatre projectors, a new category is emerging ? the ?Hollywood? projector, which gets you closer to that ?big screen? experience than ever. The four projectors we?ve featured here share a few commonalities ? they can project a widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio, and they?re capable of high-definition resolutions. This means you can enjoy unbelievably clear and detailed movies and HD TV broadcasts, plus the widescreen effect.

The current crop of mid-range projectors cost around the $4,000 mark, which means you are paying a bit more for extra functionality. However, if you?re passionate about your home cinema experience, there are few better ways to feel like you?re at the movies.

Most digital projectors have an optical zoom adjustment, which can suit a range of locations. With the projectors featured here, you can view an HD picture from as close as three metres, to as far away as six metres or more.

  No home projector set-up is complete without a proper projection screen. This is doubly important if you plan on investing in one of the high-definition widescreen products featured in this article. The LP Morgan range of projection screens, designed in Australia by Herma Projection Screen Technology, is a good place to start for the home theatre enthusiast.