Homedics FM-CR

The Homedics Foot Pleaser Ultra Deep Kneading Foot Massager (model FM-CR) is designed to soothe and relax tired feet. It uses a combination of counter-rotational massage rollers and infrared heat to provide deep kneading to revive your feet.

Setting up

There is no set-up process involved: you simply plug it in, removing it from packaging and switch it on. It couldn’t be much simpler.


The Foot Pleaser Ultra has its own counter-rotational massage rollers which provide a kneading action to revive your feet. You can also choose from either a kneading setting by itself, or mix it with infrared heat which penetrates your feet to soothe and relax them. It’s easy to ascertain what setting you’ve chosen because an LED indicator turns blue when you have only chosen to switch on the counter-rotational massage rollers or when you choose to activate the infrared heat, the LED and the counter-rotational rollers switch to a bright red colour.

The device has a series of ridged grooves at the front and the rear which help you guide your feet to different positions to help you position your feet so that you get the most benefit from the device. For example, move your feet over the ridges at the front of the unit for a deeper massage around your ankles; move your ankles over the ridges closest to you and your toes will enjoy a good kneading.


The Foot Pleaser Ultra is an easy appliance to whip out of the cupboard whenever you feel in need of a foot massage. Its counter-rotational massage rollers definitely provide a deep kneading experience. If the kneading is too strong you simply reduce the amount of pressure you place on the rollers. So you can vary the level of intensity whenever you need to.

It couldn’t be much simpler to operate: plug it in, press a button once to activate it, and the rollers start to work. Or, press the power button a second time to activate the infrared heat. The power button is big enough to switch on with your toes, too.

The only real disappointment was the heat, or lack of it. I felt it was quite a weak heat and the overall experience could be greatly improved if the device included a range of heat settings.

I also think a lightweight storage bag would be a worthwhile inclusion so it doesn’t lie around the home or office getting clogged with dirt or dust.


The Homedics Foot Pleaser Ultra (model FM-CR) is a great little gadget for people of all ages to pull out of storage at a minute’s notice for instant short-term relief from feet aches and pains.

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Compact, affordable foot massager for home use, infra red heat
Only performs one function, heat setting isn?t convincing, no storage case