Australia’s best smart homes

Best integrated home installation $150,000250,000

Why it won: The challenge in this three-level, 550sqm waterfront property was to maintain its pristine, minimalistic appearance while integrating a fully automated entertainment and security system. Everything, consequently, is hidden away: there are Tru Audio and Linn in-ceiling speakers throughout – some disguised as rocks near the pool – and even the security features had to be out of view, including making sure that the piezos, reed switches, miniature smoke detectors and all control boxes were recessed. Cleverly, a Vantage iPhone control application means the owners can monitor their home’s security, allow access to tradies and even turn on the heating without being anywhere near the property.

Installer: Automation Associates, Auckland NZ

Best integrated home installation $100,000150,000

Why it won: Assuming the interior design and project management roles themselves, the experienced owners of this rural property made frequent trips overseas during the installation, so needed to keep in constant contact with Automation personnel. Their high-tech solution for maintaining communication can via Automation’s iPhone Mobile-Job (MobJob) software, ensuring not only that the extensive Vantage lighting control and automation system worked, but that all the finer aesthetic details, such as ensuring that the control keypads matched all the interior surfaces of the home, were covered off. The end result is a comprehensive but discrete installation that came in exactly on time and to budget.

Installer: Automation Associates, Auckland NZ

Best integrated home installation $100,000

Why it won: The power to control everything easily – preferably with a single touch – was an important requirement in this project, so keyless access via remote keypads and keyfobs, wall-mounted touchscreens and Clipsal wall switches were all integrated into the C-Bus control system. The home cinema was designed to be visible to the owners and guests wherever they might be standing in the very extensive outdoor entertainment areas and, conscious of the environmental impact, low-voltage lighting and the ability to monitor the water levels in the underground water tanks was also implemented. Despite a tight budget, ALS delivered all systems as required, including that critical ‘one-touch’ control over the energy-saving lighting, the air conditioning, heating, security and home cinema.

Installer: Advanced Lifestyle Solutions, VIC