How to cut the cord and make any headphone wireless

One of the benefits of modern technology is knowing that you can buy wireless headphones and listen to your tunes over Bluetooth, but these wireless headphones generally carry a premium price tag and mean you have another set of headphones for a specific purpose. We might have found a way around this, though.

This is the Jabra Clipper, a small Bluetooth device that retails for around $50 and clips onto clothing, allowing you to control your music and make phone calls like every other Bluetooth device out there. A microphone is built into the Clipper, and it comes packaged with a pair of in-ear buds.

Overall, the earbuds are the weakest part of the package, feeling cheap, lacking in bass, and having virtually zero detail.

But that’s ok, because the real reason you want the Clipper is for what it can do with your headphones, your good headphones.

Unlike most of the Bluetooth stereo headphones we see with earpieces, Jabra’s Clipper is more of a BYO option, allowing you to literally “bring your own” headphones and turn them into a music playing solution for your phone or tablet.

Using a pair of the noise cancelling headphones with the Clipper means you get wireless noise cancelling headphones.

We connected a pair of headphones currently in review, the new Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 noise cancelling headphones, and effectively made a pair of wireless noise cancelling cans perfect for walking around in.

In fact, because the Clipper features a microphone, you will even be able to make calls while listening to the audio on your choice of headphones.

So whether you use Sony, Sennheiser, Soul, or Shure – or any other brand, for that matter – you’ll be able to plug right in and get those headphones connecting wirelessly to your phone or tablet.