How to live smart with a Samsung BESPOKE home

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The smart home is here to stay, with more and more appliances and devices getting connectivity features to make your life easier. But a smart home shouldn’t just be smart, it should also look smart. Which is where the Samsung BESPOKE home comes in, with a variety of smart devices that can also be configured with different colours and finishes. At last, the power of personalisation is yours.

From refrigerators to air purifiers, from a smart vacuum to your washing machine, Samsung is taking things to the next level with smart control and connectivity, via the SmartThings app.

What is BESPOKE Home?

While all Samsung products are designed to look great and fit a modern lifestyle, well, some of us are just a little bit more demanding when it comes to styling our space. Samsung BESPOKE home is a deceptively simple concept: Make familiar appliances and devices look even better than they already perform. 

Samsung BESPOKE isn’t a range, it’s more like enhanced versions of familiar products. For example, Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerators include the same cutting-edge tech and features as Samsung’s like-for-like top-tier fridges, but you can choose from seven colours, in two select textures, and five types of formats.  And because you can configure individual doors to different colours, that gives you an incredible number of choices to suit your unique style and needs.   

Other appliances in the BESPOKE range include the AirDresser, a range of CUBE™ Air Purifiers, Jet Stick vacuum stick cleaners, and the newest edition: the BESPOKE Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum.

To say the BESPOKE concept has been well-received might be an understatement. The BESPOKE CUBE™ Air Purifier, Refrigerators, and AirDresser are all winners of the 2022 Australian Good Design Award, and the entire BESPOKE catalogue won a 2022 Canstar Blue Innovation award. 

Of course, Samsung BESPOKE home products don’t just look good and give you customisation options, they’re smarter, too. Selected appliances in the range2 can work with Samsung’s SmartThings app for scheduling, remote operation, and energy and power-saving insights, all via a compatible TV or a mobile device.3 

What makes a SmartThings smart home? 

You might be familiar with the general idea of a smart home, where devices and appliances use your home Wi-Fi to communicate and do things such as streamline tasks or alert you to various things. SmartThings is Samsung’s smart home ecosystem, and it can be controlled via your Samsung mobile phone, or even via a Samsung smart TV, which can work as a home hub. There is also a range of non-Samsung products that work with SmartThings too, such as light bulbs, smart switches, and more (explore more at

SmartThings-enabled devices connect via your home Wi-Fi and can be remote controlled and scheduled using the SmartThings app. This runs on your Android mobile device, or on a smart TV which lets you see everything that’s happening up on the big screen. 

Once you set up a SmartThings home, you’ll see how much sense it makes. After all, you usually have your phone with you, right? So why hunt for a remote or fumble for a switch when your mobile is right there? 

And SmartThings goes beyond control and scheduling, with AI Energy Mode. This keeps an eye on all your connected devices and how they are using power. Over time, it builds a picture of household usage patterns and can optimise these to assist you with energy saving. 

In 2023, all Samsung appliances will be equipped with Wi-Fi, and able to connect to and work with Samsung Energy in the SmartThings app.

A day in the life of a smart Samsung BESPOKE home

So how does all this tech and design work, in the real chaos of a busy Aussie home? Well, let’s imagine a typical family with two parents and at least three kids – generating plenty of washing, requiring plenty of food, and all using devices at all hours of the day, while coming and going to multiple busy schedules.

When you purchase a SmartThings device or appliance, it needs to be set up, by following the clear steps in the SmartThings app. Each is added to the home and, along with third-party devices4 like blinds and lights, can be included in a routine or mode. Let’s see how that works.

7.00 am

First thing in the morning, everyone gets an alarm on their phone to start the day. But thanks to SmartThings, blinds in the living areas also open, and the kitchen lights come on.

Overnight, SmartThings AI Energy had bumped the AC up by a couple of degrees to save on power, but now everyone is up and bustling around, it knows to drop the thermostat to 22 again, which is the family’s preferred temp. 

8.30 am

Now, most of the family heads out to school and office, but mum works from home, so she uses the SmartThings app on her phone to start Work From Home mode. This brightens her Samsung Smart Monitor in her home office, switches the BESPOKE CUBE™ Air Purifier to WindFree™ mode (quieter and less disturbing) and also increases the air-con to her preferred 24 degrees. 

11.00 am

While mum’s hard at work in the study, the BESPOKE Jet Bot AI+ vacuum sets off on its own workday. Having mapped the house to avoid furniture and track its progress, all the Jet Bot has to contend with now is a mischievous family dog. Dad can log into the Jet Bot’s camera remotely to ensure pup isn’t getting frisky, while mum’s on a work call.

3.00 pm

Later in the day, mum takes a break for her workout. The family uses a spare bedroom for exercise kit, and this room is defined in the SmartThings app as the Home Gym. Mum uses her phone to activate Workout Mode, and the air purifier in this room ramps up, and the AC drops to 21. The family has a smart TV in this room for video workouts, and mum likes to use the TV’s Multi-View mode, which allows her to follow a video workout online, while monitoring her own form via the camera view.

6.00 pm

Evening now, and dad is home to cook dinner. He’s rocking out with earbuds and can’t see that behind him he’s accidentally left the door of the BESPOKE fridge open. Fortunately, the SmartThings app sends a notification on his phone – which he hears in his Bluetooth earbuds – letting him know the cold air is escaping. 

7.30 pm

After dinner, everyone wants to let off steam with some gaming. They put the living room into Game Mode, which dims and colours the lights, and switches the air purifier and AC to silent mode to prevent distraction – it’s game on!

Match over, dad darts upstairs to pop his work shirts into the AirDresser for a steam and a freshen, deodorising them for the next day.

8.30 pm

Back in the living room, everyone is chilling out with the latest episode of their favourite streaming show. The room is now in Movie Mode, which means subdued lighting and the smart TV picture optimised for their content. 

Midway through the show, the TV pops up an alert, letting the kids know the washing machine has finished its cycle and they can go hang out their sports gear now. There are plenty of groans, but hanging out washing isn’t something the kids can pass off to the smart home… yet. 

10.30 pm

As everyone heads off to bed and everything quietens down, you’d never know that all this high-tech stuff was happening. Thanks to Samsung’s BESPOKE design language, which effortlessly blends with the family’s own décor and style.

Then, just as dad finally gets off his feet and into bed, he realises he’s left the kitchen light on downstairs. No problem – he just uses the SmartThings app on his phone to switch out the light, leaving everything ready for the next day. 

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1. Each device must be connected to Wi-Fi or other wireless network. Compatible devices must be purchased separately in order to access SmartThings Services. For interoperability through SmartThings, all the devices should be registered with a single Samsung Account. Compatible devices must be purchased separately in order to access SmartThings Services.

2. Excludes the BESPOKE AirDresser and non-Wi-Fi enabled BESPOKE Refrigerators (Bottom-mount refrigerator), Single-door refrigerator and single-door freezer.

3. Available technology, functions, and features may vary by country, service provider, network environment, or product, and are subject to change without notice.

4. Explore supported devices here