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Depending on the camera you’re using, Snapseed may not load in the whole size, with the limitations set to just under three megapixel at the time of publishing. Snapseed will reduce the size for you, sure, but be aware that the image you process from Snapseed may not necessarily be your entire thing.

Lithic is another neat app capable of processing your photos in a very different way.

If you’re a fan of comics or the stylisation in the movie “Sin City,” this app processes your photos to look like they’re stuck inside the comic universe. It’s not the same type of processing that Snapseed offers, but it’s a very fun app altogether.

Photo Editor is another freebie offering curves adjustments and some filters, but then there’s always the classic: Photoshop Express.

Adobe has yet to bring the ever useful tablet friendly Photoshop Touch to smartphone devices, but this app offers you the basics – cropping, brightness, contrast – and a few filters, too.

On the fly blogging

Going on holiday soon? We’re envious, but we’re also eager to see your adventures, and if you want to show the world what you’re doing, blogging is something you might want to consider doing.

Consider creating an account at and starting up your own travel diaries, social blog, or just a placeto post what you’re doing, because once it’s created, you can show the world your eyes through an Android camera.

Tumblr is another option capable of pulling this off, and with the Tumblr app able to create a new account or login to a premade one, and quickly upload photos to the system.

An example of a WordPress site with an image posted straight from an Android camera.

Get a grip

Accessories can help make any camera, but there don’t seem to be many specifically for these all-in-one Android superstars, so consider grabbing the basics: a tiny tripod and a decent strap.

If you have a Sony Move or Wii-mote that’s not doing anything, take the strap off one of those controllers and throw it on here. Even if you’re comfy with the strap on your Android camera, we’ve found these types – with a clip that holds it in place on your wrist – seems to do a better job than the average flimsy fabric cord you get with a compact camera.