How to make an iClone for less than $20

I like the way you type: replacing the keyboard

You’ve almost got yourself a fully-fledged iClone! Great work!

Now it’s time to make the keyboard more iFriendly. For this, we’re turning to a $5 keyboard replacement called iTap.

iTap makes your Android keyboard more like an iPhone one.

If you’re not sure if you can replace the keyboard, we’d recommend trying iPhone Keyboard Emulator Free, made by the same people. If you find that you can replace the keyboard with this – and it works – then purchase iTap and use that, as there’ll be word prediction and no ads on the paid version.

To replace the keyboard, grab one of these apps, let it install, and then press the home button on your Android phone. Find the settings shortcut or click the menu button and then “Settings”.

Scroll down to “Language & keyboard” in the Android settings section and check the box marked for that app. A box will come up asking if you’re ok with this application collecting your data, hit “Ok”. Now hit “Select input method” and press the keyboard you’re wanting to switch to.

Strangely, this is one section that doesn’t always work on a handset.

In our testing, we found two phones that lacked the input method setting, thereby stopping us from replacing the keyboard: Huawei’s Vision U8850 and HTC’s Desire S. We’re sure there are others, making it possible that your phone won’t let you replace the keyboard.