Australians love their tea, almost as much as the English, but one thing we’ve never quite grasped is this whole iced tea thing.

With summer on the way, however, and a realisation that not everyone is into the whole coffee game, were giving it a try and showing you how to make it with and without gadgets.

The electric way

Iced tea isn’t exactly a new concept, and is consumed all over the world. In Australia, we’re beginning to adopt a taste for it, while it makes up well over half of all the tea Americans drink.

Most Aussies tend to drink hot tea, which, as most of us know, makes you sweat, and in hot weather, that makes you cool down as it evaporates off your body.

But if you don’t want to sweat, you can have tea on ice, it just has to be prepared a little differently, because natural tea steeping seems to be different in cold water than what it is in hot water.

Left to right: American iced tea makers from Hamilton Beach, Hammacher Schlemmer, and Mr. Coffee.

The bottles of cold sweetened iced tea have, in fairness, been out in Australia for years, but we’re not huge fans of paying three bucks per bottle, and they’re generally loaded with sugar, so the obvious option here is to make it yourself.

In America, a few manufacturers have made electric options for making iced tea easily, including Hamilton Beach, Hammacher Schlemmer, and Mr. Coffee, with these devices functioning similarly to a drip coffee machine.