How to secure your computer against theft

Get insured

First and foremost, take out home contents insurance. Paying insurance premiums sure feels like a waste of money every year you don’t get robbed, but it’s certainly money well spent when you are.

You can select the level of cover you want – from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands – and with a new-for-old replacement policy, you’ll avoid the financial sting of having to buy a new computer immediately after a theft.

Most policies will provide limited cover for possessions that you take out of the house, like cameras, tablets, notebooks and phones, so tick this option if you foresee ever travelling with these items.

Apartment dwellers should note, that the body corporate’s insurance doesn’t cover tenants possessions, just damage to the building.

Remember, too, that the security door or intercom six levels below you won’t protect against the thief who comes in by the balcony.

Lock it down

One of the best ways to make sure your computer doesn’t go walkabout is to lock it down – literally.

Kensington Lock slots have been available for years, the tiny hole allowing you to attach the proprietary lock connector with ease.

If you’re really worried about your stuff, grab one of the locks – each with its own specific key or combination lock – and attach it to your computer when you go to bed, looping the threaded metal cord around something heavy and hard to move, like the leg of a table.

We take one whenever we go on holiday. It gives us peace of mind about leaving our gear in the hotel room when we venture out.