These views have also shifted over time. Back in the early 2000s, both the left and the right lauded the ability Big Tech companies to ‘disrupt’ traditional patterns, and usher in a new globalised world.

The pendulum, if  Elizabeth Warren’s policy position is anything to go by, has now decisively shifted in the opposite direction. 

GadgetGuy’s take – taking the good, leaving the bad

Today most people seem to have decided on their position, and it’s this: I want the best of both worlds. I’ll use Facebook, but with a VPN. I’ll use Instagram, but with a fake name. Or I’ll use email, but with PGP.

For now, that uneasy compromise seems to be holding at least until FAANG et al. find other nefarious ways to track, gather and monetise your data.

I welcome any feedback you have and remember Australia is just like America – you just don’t have Donald Trump or Disneyland – yet.