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I expect Google Assistant’s features to expand in the future. At the moment it won’t help if I say, “I weigh so-and-so, and are such-and-such tall; what’s my BMI?” But next year?

3 – Remind me

The TV show pauses for an advertisement. My mind wanders. I suddenly remember that I simply must start the dishwasher before I go to bed. Or write those clever ideas tomorrow for using Google Assistant on an LG TV. My previous strategy has been to convince myself that I’ll remember to do those things. And sometimes I actually do remember. Sometimes.

But now I always do because: “Remind me to put on the dishwasher at 10pm” and “Remind me to complete that LG thingo at 8am tomorrow.” Just having Google Assistant waiting there on the TV encourages me to remember those things.

*What, Google Assistant isn’t on your 2018 LG smart TV? Then go to Settings, General, About This TV and update the firmware. You’ll need at least version 04.xx.xx. And switch on auto updates while you’re there.

** LG asked that if we write about this, we also say: LG Australia made an LG AI ThinQ TV available to me to review, provided me with a gift as a thank you for reviewing the LG AI ThinQ™ TV. and provided me the opportunity to win a prize. There, done.