HP evolves the printing experience with two new printers

Always keen to stay one step ahead of the game, HP has announced two new multifunction printers introducing new features such as a colour detachable “tablet-like” touchscreen device that you can print parts of the web from.


HP’s “Envy” printer takes the traditional all-in-one and sticks it on a diet. The HP Envy 100 ($399) is slim, sleek, and still provides the functionality one expects out of a multifunction printer. It can scan, copy, and print at the highest resolution of any all-in-one HP printer.
Gadget nuts however are sure to love HP’s new Photosmart eStation ($699), the very first multifunction printer to include a 7-inch full colour detachable touchscreen tablet that can let you browse the web, play music, read Facebook, Snapfish, or just use it as the control panel for your printer.
Both of the models announced today support HP’s ePrint technology allowing you to email your images and documents directly to your printer via a special email address handled by HP.