HP iPaq 912C Business Messenger

Reviewer: Simon Sharwood

If you want a phone that has it all in a no-nonsense package, HP’s iPaq 912C Business Messenger is for you.

The neat rectangular slab packs a mobile phone, Wi-Fi for wireless internet connection, Bluetooth and global positioning mapping system. There’s also Windows Mobile’s usual collection of productivity applications, plus a few extras from HP to help you wrangle photos you take with the 3 megapixel camera and then print them on a HP printer.

You won’t, however, find much of the style or panache that marks other smartphones. You may also struggle to find the on/off button, which is one of the smallest we’ve ever seen. The keyboard is another feature you’ll either love or hate, as the space bar is too small and unmarked, while each key mixes white letters with blue annotations for other functions.

On the plus side is speech recognition, a nifty wheel for navigating the phone’s many features, the handy inclusion of Google Maps and performance that positively zips along compared to other Windows-powered smartphones we have encountered. Add in HP’s backing and this is a solid performer businesses should feel happy about issuing to their staff, if not something many people would fancy as a purchase that expresses their personality.

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