HP Australia is now accepting second-round applications for HP Kids Fund. It is a $500,000 initiative to help Australian students achieve digital literacy.

All Australian primary and secondary schools have until 18 June 2018 to apply to receive one of fifty $10,000 technology grants. Each applicant school will also receive six months of complimentary access to Code Camp World. This is an e-learning platform that helps to teach kids how to code.

The HP Kids Fund program received over 200 applications in its first round. The eight successful schools are now working with HP to determine how to spend their $10,000 grants with HP technology that will best support STEM learning in their schools.

HP Kids Fund addersses the future of work

When we talk about education and technology, we need to first look at the future of work.  According to McKinsey, by 2030, 8-9% of the workforce will be in occupations that don’t currently exist. EY believes that the future of work will evolve in two stages; the gig economy, which has seen the rise of platforms such as Uber and Airbnb; and the machine economy, which will see AI and robotics drive disruption.

In short, our kids will live and work in a world vastly different from the one we know today. HP has a commitment to enhancing the digital literacy of students. This will ensure they have the skills necessary to thrive in this world.

“At HP we firmly believe that every Aussie kid deserves equal opportunity when it comes to their education,” said Rachael Williams, Manager, Education and Government, HP South Pacific. “The future will be shaped by technology, and it’s critical that all students receive a solid foundation in digital literacy. These are skills they will use throughout their life.”

“Having access to technology in school empowers students to learn important digital skills, and facilitates creativity, classroom engagement and collaboration between peers,” said Natasha Eaton, Principal, Peakhurst South Public School.