New HP OmniBook goes toe-to-toe with MacBook’s battery

HP OmniBook AI PC 2024 launch
Image: HP.

Some of the first Copilot+ PCs are nearly here, including the HP OmniBook AI PC and EliteBook Ultra AI PC laptops built with Qualcomm ARM processors.

If you thought HP only just recently launched a bunch of new computers, you’re right. Just last month, the company revealed its Intel-powered computers, HP’s newest devices use Snapdragon chips. The company is also starting to consolidate its many laptop sub-brands under two main labels: OmniBook for everyday users and EliteBook for workplaces.

Fresh from Microsoft’s big announcement earlier today, both HP laptops take advantage of more local AI features, reducing cloud reliance. Based on the Snapdragon X Elite processor, the computers wield neural processing units (NPUs) capable of 45 trillion operations per second (TOPS). It’s more than the 38 TOPS Apple advertised with its latest M4 chip.

In terms of actual usability, the HP OmniBook and EliteBook laptops have a few tricks up their sleeves. Featuring the upgraded Copilot+ platform, they include a feature called Recall.

This feature gives you an interactive timeline of your device’s usage history that you can also search to find specific items. Forgot which email you wanted to respond to earlier in the day, or lost an important browser tab? Recall lets you wind back the clock and check.

The laptops’ increased NPU performance also lends itself to captioning for both live and pre-recorded audio. You can access generated subtitles between different languages, too.

HP OmniBook and EliteBook AI PC 2024
Image: HP.

That’s also in addition to existing local AI technologies like video background blur and noise isolation. More local AI functionality is expected, like the ability to generate images and edit photos and videos quickly without an internet connection.

HP OmniBook AI PC release date and price

As for the hardware, HP claims its versatile 14-inch OmniBook AI PC lasts up to 26 hours on a single charge, rivalling Apple’s MacBook prowess in battery life. It also includes an integrated Snapdragon GPU and up to Wi-Fi 7 connectivity.

Meanwhile the more business-focused HP EliteBook Ultra looks fairly similar on paper. One of the few differences is its 16GB memory limit versus the OmniBook’s 32GB.

Both laptops are out in Australia on 18 June, with the HP OmniBook X AI PC starting at $2,699.99. There’s no local price for the EliteBook yet, so we’ll have to wait and see what the difference is. Pre-orders are live now on HP’s website and JB Hi-Fi.

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