Laptops are changing, and HP is betting that the world of the tablet-laptop hybrid will be the place it wants to be, as the company showcases a few new computers that push this area in two directions.

Two computers have been showcased overseas that extend the progress we saw in HP’s Envy x2, with similar form factors across each.

Both the Slatebook x2 and the Split x2 will act as tablet and notebook by using a similar build as to what HP first made in the Envy x2, creating computers inside the tablet and screen section that can lock in place with the keyboard section underneath.

But while the Envy x2 was all about Windows, the Slatebook and Split will offer the choice of either Android or Windows respectively.

Launching later this year, the Slatebook will feature Android 4.2 “Jelly Bean,” and will run on one of NVidia’s Tegra 4 processors, providing up to 64GB of storage under a 10.1 inch Full HD multitouch screen. The keyboard will act as both a keyboard and battery, while offering a touchpad mouse, in case touch screens just don’t cut it for you.

Then there’s the Split, which like the other x2 models, comes in two parts: tablet with screen and computer, and keyboard dock with battery and extra mouse.