HP rethinks the portable desktop with a 20 inch tablet

There are those of you out there who just love laptops that act as desktop replacement. We won’t name names, but some of you prefer a big laptop that works as well as a big desktop. Years ago, HP tried something like this, and while the 20 inch Dragon wasn’t a huge success, it’s hoping the Rove will be.

Sitting as part of the “Envy” series of devices released by HP, the Rove 20 will be the company’s first big, big laptop in a long while. Featuring a 20 inch IPS touchscreen supporting the 900p resolution of 1600×900, the screen won’t be the best out there, but it will aim to be useful for those who like to really get up close and personal with fingers and their computing experience.

“Customers are looking for mobility and flexibility in their computing devices to give families new ways to bring generations together,” said HP’s Ron Coughlin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer PCs and Consumer Solutions for the company.

“HP is evolving to meet our customers’ needs by designing next-generation form factors, like the Rove mobile All-in-One PC, which will enable people to connect, share and create in ways they never imagined.”

We’re probably not wrong in saying that this will be one big tablet, and HP isn’t throwing in technology from last generation, with the company saying that Intel’s upcoming 4th generation Core processors will be used, complete with the new Intel HD graphics, Beats Audio sound technology, 1TB storage, and Windows 8.

HP’s blog “The Next Bench” has put forth a couple of pictures to show this idea, but unfortunately for those of you that think bigger is better and you must have it now, there is no pricing yet.

In America, the Rove is expected to hit shelves in July, and considering the new Intel processors will be launching shortly in Australia too, we’re probably not far off that. Stay tuned.