HP tablets and laptops to gain global WiFi for a year

Going on holiday often means looking for a way of staying connected, and if your hotel has it, great, but what if it doesn’t? HP owners look like they won’t have to worry about this problem moving forward, though, thanks to a new deal happening.

That deal is with an internationally connected WiFi network called “iPass,” which moving forward will allow owners of select HP tablets and notebooks to jump onto its network of hotspots around the world, making it possible to surf the web, check email, and generally conduct your web-connected business whenever you’re in range of one.

The iPass network relies on millions of hotspots around the world, with locations in 120 countries, with Australia included on that list too, including 78 hotspots to connect to in Sydney, while Melbourne had around 57 hotspots to connect to, most of which sat in the CBD.

“As an ‘always on’ world continues to drive user expectations for affordable, seamless connectivity, HP continues to champion new mobile solutions for our customers,” said Paul Gracey, HP’s Business Manager of the Personal Systems Category at HP South Pacific.

“We’re simplifying the process of connecting to the Internet locally, and while travelling, to ensure consumers and business get the most from their notebook and tablet devices.”

Connection to the iPass network is similar to Telstra’s WiFi network, but very different, as representatives for HP confirmed this week that the iPass global network is not related to Telstra’s nationwide and internationally-connected WiFi network that will be offered to customers of its BigPond service.

That said, HP’s iPass connections will be valid for owners of select new HP tablets and notebooks from October onwards, with the iPass free connectivity lasting a year.

HP has yet to announce which devices this will include, but one has to wonder if these will include the laptops the company showed off recently, such as the Stream, which will be geared at students more than anyone else.