HP to support Touchpad and webOS for the next year, future up in the air

If you were one of the 6,000 Australians who bought HP’s debut TouchPad tablet, you’re in luck, as HP plans to support it for at least a year. After that, the picture gets a little murky.

Speaking to HP’s Eric Chou, we were told that Australian users of the discontinued TouchPad will continue to receive support for their tablets for the next year.

“Our core engineering team will support webOS, including over-the-air updates,” said Chou, adding that the HP twelve month warranty will still be honoured, but that HP won’t be selling extended warranties at this time.

We were also told that the paid online application market has gone live, but that it was up to developers to make their software available to users in Australia and New Zealand.

As for the future of webOS and the Touchpad, that’s up in the air. Current rumours suggest that HP could license webOS to other manufacturers, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.