HPM USB and Wireless charging hub (D1235WTC)

HPM USB and Wireless charging hub
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If you are a COVID-convict, the HPM USB and Wireless charging hub may solve more than a few desktop clutter and power problems. It offers one USB-C, five USB-A and a Qi charging pad in a handy mains powered pack.

OK, why do you need the HPM USB and Wireless charging hub?

One 240V cable/device to charge up to six devices replacing six chargers and cables!

The wireless Qi pad outputs up to 10W – perfect for wireless charge iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and any other Qi-compatible device. Qi is gentler on batteries (leading to longer life) as it intelligently delivers what the battery needs. So, you can safely leave the phone on it all day to top-up too and not worry that it will fry your battery.

Then there is a USB-C 5V/2.4A (12W) port (with a supplied USB-C to USB-C cable) that is perfect for PD 1.0 devices. PD means that even if your device draws PD 2.0 power levels, it will charge – albeit a lot slower.

Four USB-A ports, each 5V/2.4A (12W) complete the package. Think smartwatches, headphones – whatever.

There is only one caveat – it provides 60W total power, so it shares this around – in theory, you could plug heavier power use devices into it. Don’t worry – It automatically detects the power required to charge each device quickly and safely, even when all parts are in use.

HPM USB and Wireless charging hub (D1235WTC)

  • Australian website here
  • Available from: Bunnings, Mitre10 and most hardware stores as well as retail electrical stores and trade wholesale stores. If you can’t find it, then try Sparky Direct that have it for $73.75 including Australia-wide flat-rate delivery.
  • Price: $87
  • Size 130 x 79 x 31mm x 290g
  • Warranty: 12 months ACL warranty
  • Note that if you don’t need QI, then there is an 80W max 5-port USB charger PD 2.0 (5-20V/3A) at $89.15 that may be better if you have multiple PD 2.0 devices. See below.

Tests – (D1235WTC)

Using our USB test rig, we can measure the voltage and amperage from each USB port. It is a rock-solid 5V/2.4A. We loaded the ports to maximum power draw, and it was indeed 60W- EXCEED.

We charged a Samsung Galaxy Note10 (it can use Qi up to 15W) from 0-100% in just under four hours – about typical for a 10W charger. An iPhone 11 Max Pro took about an hour longer as it uses 7.5W – PASS for typical overnight or top-up charging.

GadgetGuy’s take – unclutter your desk with the HPM USB and Wireless charging hub

Well made, great electrical pedigree from an Australian company, uses 240V power (without a bulky plug pack), and part of the HPM consumer tech range that we have started to review.

HPM USB and Wireless charging hub
Value for money
Ease of Use
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HPM quality and build
Australian certification so its safe
Provides 60W shared power to six devices
White colour is a litte bland for a 'fashion' desktop item