HTC asks Facebook users to dance with the ChaCha, Salsa

We’ve all used Facebook at least once in our lives, and for many of us, at least once today already. Now HTC is joining forces with the social networking giant and releasing a phone to support your Facebook obsession.

Two models are being released in July, each offering a slightly different way of jumping onto Facebook. The HTC Salsa features a 3.4 inch touchscreen in a unibody shell, while the HTC ChaCha ditches the large touchscreen and goes for a QWERTY keyboard coupled with a 2.6 inch touchscreen.

Both handsets feature an 800MHz processor, 5 megapixel rear camera with auto-focus and flash, VGA front camera, support for microSD, and use the most recent version of Android – Gingerbread.

Inspired by the HTC Legend, the HTC Salsa features a unibody shell with a lip that slants up.

At the bottom of each phone is a “Facebook button”, a tiny Facebook icon that you can push to gain access to the Facebook network.

Initially, we were skeptical about the  given that every smartphone can access Facebook, but after spending a few minutes with both the Salsa and the ChaCha, we can see what the draw is: HTC has spent some serious time making the phones work with Facebook in a way that no other phone can.

For instance, if you jump into the camera mode, the Facebook button at the bottom of the phone starts glowing, a sign that you can use the button to take pictures and record videos. If you use the Facebook button to snap a photo, the new phones will upload the image directly to your Facebook wall without delay.

We're told that every key can be customised to a shortcut on the HTC ChaCha, making for the most speed-dial friendly phone we've ever seen.

There’s also some nice modifications to Android here, such as the ability to jump straight into a feature like email or the camera directly from the lock screen. Even the The keyboard-equipped ChaCha also comes with the added bonus of being able to customise every key to a shortcut, making for a very friendly phone for the connected socialite.

Both the HTC Salsa and ChaCha are being released July 6th on cap plans from Vodafone, with the ChaCha also making its way to Vodafone prepaid at $299.