HTC Hero – bugger the Cupcake, bring on the Eclair

The Google Android operating system has just its last update for the year delivered to developers, version 2.0 – better known as Eclair.

HTC has today confirmed via its official Twitter account that the (apparently) soon-to-be released Hero touchscreen phone will run the Eclair update. This would appear to be the exciting news talked about in our story yesterday, HTC Hero out very, very soon.

What does eclair add to the Android party?

  • better management and easier synching of multiple email accounts
  • easier access to contacts within those multiple email accounts
  • ability to archive and search text and picture messages
  • improved touchscreen keyboard, enabling faster typing

So, the last Google Android update of the year. But then it is November, so there’s not terribly much of the year left. The question is, will Eclair get much of a run, or will it bring to mind the famous, in lexicographic and wordsmith circles, jokey definition of the word eclair from the Chambers Dictionary – “a cake long in shape but short in duration”.