HTC Hero out very, very soon

Time really does fly! It was all the way back in July that I first saw and played with the HTC Hero, the latest, and greatest weapon in Android’s battle to take over the smartphone world. And back then I was told it could come out anytime between tomorrow (July 23) and Christmas. More like just before Christmas it seems, as the Hero still hasn’t been released.

HTC_Hero-angle-white.jpgBut news.. of a sort. Bugging the HTC people today, I was told that the Hero would be out “very, very soon.” Not only that, but that there is an exciting reason why the launch has been held off.

Exciting reason eh? Could it be that:

  • It’s running on the new Android Donut version of Android? Hmm, not that exciting.
  • It will ship with the new super-customisation ability of the HTC Tattoo? Skins, schmins.
  • It will have a working version of that mobile phone x-ray app you see on late night TV ads? Could be a legal nightmare.
  • It stars in its own TV chat show, a remake of ‘Max Headroom’ from the 80s?

Who knows. Cue for me to bug HTC some more.

UPDATE: Seems the exciting reason for the holding back is that the HTC Hero will run Google Android v2.0, also known as Eclair.