HTC killing Watch movie service in New Zealand, but not Australia… yet

We don’t spend a lot of time watching movies on our phones – maybe we should, given traffic in Sydney – but owners of HTC handsets might be saddened to hear the HTC movie service is shutting down in some places. Good news, though, as Australia isn’t one of them, at least for the moment.

HTC’s “Watch” movie service has been available on its phones for at least a year now, but we’ve never questioned how well it’s done with customers.

Perhaps we should have asked, as HTC has sent word that the service will be shut down in several places around the world, with New Zealand as one of them.

A representative for HTC said:

“As we continue to deliver new content for HTC Watch, we’ve made the decision to focus our efforts on markets with the highest engagement. After May 31, we’ll discontinue support for HTC Watch in countries with less application traffic.”

We heard earlier in the week that six other countries would have the same fate for HTC Watch, with Engadget translating from Italian site Telefonino that Italy, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway would all be killing the service, and now it’s interesting that HTC is telling us New Zealand is a part of that, too.

No word yet on whether HTC plans to keep the Australian service up, but if customers are anything like us and don’t use it, we’d say it won’t be long now before HTC pulls the plug here, too.