HTC launches a Legend

Building off of the success of last year’s Hero handset, HTC has launched its Legend mobile phone. Launching exclusively on Vodafone and 3, the new handset is poised to bring some competition to Apple’s front door on the cusp of the new iPhone launch.

Much like a MacBook Pro, the HTC Legend is sculpted from a single block of aluminium to create a durable yet light phone. A 3.2 inch AMOLED screen sits on top with four soft buttons and an optical joystick sitting on a shortened chin borrowed from the Hero. There’s also a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, and 2GB microSD included.

HTC Legend

We’re looking at this like it’s the HTC Hero all grown up with the software has maturing considerably too. HTC has equipped the Legend with Android 2.1, a step up from the 1.6 version many other companies still offer. Out of the box, this phone happily browses Flash websites giving you that complete web experience.

At $599 outright or zero dollars on a $49 cap plan, it’s sitting at a nice middle ground for people who want a great touchscreen experience but don’t want to fork out a massive wad of cash for the privilege.

We should be getting a review unit later today so look for our thoughts soon enough.