HTC Magic – Vodafone lets a few escape early

In all the press information at the announcement of the HTC Magic, the second smartphone shipping with the Google Android operating system, the release date was given as mid-June. In all the Vodafone and 3 Mobile in-store catalogues, the only hint to date given is “coming soon”.

HTC-Magic-with-Google-ang...But there are a lucky few out there who have already purchased and own one of these new phones. Vodafone stores received a small initial delivery of the Magic late last week, and in the instance of the store I spoke to yesterday, have already sold all of that first shipment.

So if you’re keen to get in early, try asking at your local Vodafone store. It probably won’t be displayed on the wall as yet, so check with store staff.

On another side of the retail fence, staff at the 3 Mobile store at the same location have yet to even clap eyes on a Magic.