HTC One X: Europe gets a battery update, Australia not so much

The screen is simply beautiful on the HTC One X.

As much as we loved the HTC One X – and we did, it’s awesome – we did feel a bit let down by the battery. Overseas, our friends in Europe will be receiving a fix for that. Australians on the other hand, well that’s another story.

According to reports overseas, the over-the-air fix released for the HTC One X can boost battery life by up to 20%, a push that could make the One X last longer than a day. In our review, we found that a regular day of usage – calls, social networking, taking pictures – would only net us a maximum of a day.

In this day and age, we seem to manage only a day or two max from of our smartphones, but when we can’t even hit a day, we get a little concerned, especially when the phone is excellent on all other counts.

Some reviews have suggested that if you don’t use the screen very often, the battery life will be excellent, possibly grabbing as much as two days life, but that wasn’t our experience.

The update could prove to be just what the HTC One X needs to be close to perfect, but it doesn’t look like Australians will be on the receiving end of that any time soon.

When asked about the update, HTC Australia told us:

“People love to do so much on their smartphones so it’s not surprising to see their battery needs increase. Battery life will vary widely depending on how each customer uses their phone.  At HTC we take power consumption very seriously and work closely with our chipset, display and battery partners to provide the best experience we can. At this stage we have no local announcements to make regarding the OTA update for the HTC One X but will provide an update when available.”

If you have a HTC One X, tell us in the Comments section below how you’re going with the battery life. Are you trying to avoid using the screen? Are you using the screen all the time and getting solid life? We’re keen to know.

  1. I have an Htc One X, battery charge very fast as it drains. Not even hit a day, left only 14% at evening. So terrible battery compare to iPhone.

    1. No idea. I need to see if HTC’s update has acknowledged it. Will check to see if this fixes it. 

  2. Both me and my wife have a HTC one X and we are very light users so with facebook and google+ as our only social items of use along with maybe 6 calls a day and the odd surf the net the battery will do 6 am to around 9 pm using an average of 60 to 70%.
    My wife is running standard HTC sence and i’m running Nova prime which i have found to make a difference of 10 to 15% a day so a battery software fix isn’t that much of an issue.
    Both me and my wife love the One X and we would recomend the device as a serious consideration.

    P.S. We have the quadcore devices which i think is the best choice.

  3. 5hours usage with about 2-3hours of MP3 playing and 3 email accounts on PUSH notification with WIFI on, lite to average screen usage, i’m down to 70%…. acceptable considering all factors of the unit, acceptable as the future of POWER users on mobile phones… NO

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