HTC Touch Pro for 3 mobile in late September

HTC Corp., a global leader in mobile phone innovation and design, yesterday launched its advanced next generation business phone in Australia, the HTC Touch Pro, available through 3 mobile. Bringing a beautiful new angle to mobile business productivity, the HTC Touch Pro utilises similar styling and functionality of the innovative Touch Diamond and introduces a variety of business-focused enhancements that make getting work done on the go quick and easy.

HTC has taken a great leap forward in touchscreen innovation with its 3D touch interface called TouchFLO 3D. This provides a stunningly intuitive way to zip through common tasks like messaging, calendar appointments or making calls with just one touch. Delve a little deeper to find that your music, photos, contacts and surfing the web are also responsive to the touch.

With the introduction of Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, HTC delivers an entirely new mobile internet experience that utilises broadband-like speeds with HSDPA and HSUPA wireless connectivity. Committed to improving web browsing, HTC provides a new customised mobile web browser that enables easy viewing and effortless navigation of websites in the way they are designed to be viewed on a PC.

As part of this browsing experience users can zoom and pan websites with one-hand and automatically view optimised content that has been specially created to fit the display. Turning the device sideways automatically rotates the web page view from a portrait to landscape view.

In addition to web browsing, the Touch Pro includes an HTC-developed, YouTube application for watching a variety of user generated video content as well as including Google Maps for mobile.

Like the Touch Diamond, Touch Pro is crafted with precision to fit comfortably in a user’s hand and brings together elegant touch screen response with the direct precision of HTC’s trademark sliding keyboard design. The Touch Pro introduces a new 5-row QWERTY keyboard layout that makes typing-intensive tasks like composing email or working on Microsoft Office documents quick and easy. Built-in TV-out functionality means users can deliver the perfect PowerPoint presentation from the Touch Pro.

The Touch Pro delivers an unrivalled combination of features and functionality. The 2.8 inch display provides near-print quality viewing that enables beautiful web browsing and viewing of photographs. The built-in camera with flash light includes an optical auto-focus lens that ensures the photos you take will be clear and consistent. Advanced wireless and auto sensor screen pivoting are just a few of the features that make the Touch Pro experience a stand out.

Price and availability

The HTC Touch Pro will be available through 3 mobile stores and 3 mobile dealers across Australia, from late September for $22 per month on a $69 Cap (over 24 months) or $1,099 outright.

Source: HTC