“Re is arriving in Australia just in time to capture those Christmas memories and thanks to its unique waterproof properties, it’s perfect for the summer holiday period.”

While we do have a review coming, a brief hands-on with the Re camera shows that it is more fun than you might expect to carry around and take pictures, generally without thinking. There’s virtually no wait time for the camera to start up — maybe a second or two — and it happens the moment you begin to move the camera and press its button, staying on for a few minutes until you put it down again.

This “ready to go” design means it’s pretty much ready to take pictures whenever you need it to, and means you generally won’t miss a shot, even if sometimes there isn’t enough light to work with.

Image sample from the HTC Re camera

In fact, the lack of light is already something we’re having some issues with, as in daylight, the HTC Re provides some decent quality images, but the moment it starts to get even a hint of darkness outside, you’ll find blur and an inability to cope with low light.

It also offers some pretty shallow focus levels when aiming at your self, making us question just how useful it will be when used for selfies.

Image sample from the HTC Re camera

We’ll give it a proper flogging as time goes on, that said, and we’re really curious to see how this camera will handle the underwater world, since its unique handle and water-resistant properties could make it ideal for the little ones, even if its price is a little bit of a setback.

That price is $249, and you’ll find it in stores shortly, appearing in Telstra, Next Byte, and Fone Zone stores this year, with more places next year.