Huawei attacks accessories with its own smart band

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Whether you believe in the “smartwatch” or not, smart wrist-bound accessories are going to be big this year, and even if you don’t wear a watch, there’s something else out there for you.

For companies like LG and Razer, that something is a “smart band,” a wrist-based accessory that you wear every day which will interact with your smartphone and provide to you some of the functionality your phone offers, but without needing to take the handset out of your pocket or bag.

We’ve seen a couple earlier in the year at CES in Las Vegas, but this week at Mobile World Congress in Spain, Huawei is also getting in on the fun with the company’s own TalkBand B1, the first Huawei wearable which features a 1.4 inch flexible OLED screen, water resistance, and support for both iOS and Android.

The TalkBand will charge from a USB port built into the band, providing up to six days of life from a two hour charge, with fitness tracking support and even the ability to talk to people on the phone through the B1’s earpiece, which is built inside the band and can be removed.

Certainly, this looks like a neat product, and if priced well, should provide some interesting competition to some of the other brands bringing out their own smart bands.

There’s no date for Australia just yet, though, but if we see it, expect it sometime after the colder months come.