Huawei launches fastest 4G phone to Telstra for $504

When we talk 4G, we’re talking some uber-fast speeds, with quicker email, web surfing, and YouTube downloads. Huawei, which recently launched the slimmest smartphone, is now announcing the fastest 4G phone to hit our shores, the Ascend P2.

Saying that the P2 is the fastest phone in Australia isn’t just because it’s being launched on 4G, but rather because of what’s inside, as it’s the first handset to support Category 4 Long-Term Evolution technology.

The latest version of the LTE technology 4G relies on, Cat 4 is capable of higher speeds, with as much as 150Mbps when downloading and 50Mbps uploading on offer from 4G mobile internet connections, moving well and truly beyond the 5-18Mbps download speeds most people on ADSL2+ manage to receive.

Support for the technology doesn’t just come from the handset, however, with Cat 4 coverage only available in a few places in Australia. At this time, that’s Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane supporting the new technology, though Telstra will be updating its 4G sites to support the new technology in more places across the country soon enough.

“Huawei has always had the ambition of making cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone, and the Ascend P2 is the fastest smartphone we’ve ever made,” said Mark Treadwell, Head of Marketing for Huawei in Australia.

“The Ascend P2 is the perfect mix of style and speed, and holds the crown of the Australia’s first smartphone using Cat 4 technology.”

Aside for the fastest mobile data connection, the handset will also feature similar technology to the slimmest phone in Australia, the Huawei Ascend P6. As such, you can expect the same Huawei-developed 1.5GHz quad-core processor, Emotion UI Android overlay, and a similar 4.7 inch HD-capable touchscreen with Corning’s scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass protecting it.

A 13 megapixel rear camera is also here, while the front-facing camera is set to 1.3 megapixels, enough for the odd self-portrait and a touch of video chat.

The P2 isn’t as thin as the P6, bringing the thickness to 8.4mm, but pushing the battery up to 2420mAh in the process, a larger supply which will no doubt help to make the handset last a bit longer in transit, useful given the amount of mobile activity that people will be using in this hyper-fast handset.

Exclusivity for this handset is with Telstra from July 30, which will be available outright for $504, or on plans for $60 per month.