Huawei to connect with Leica for its mobile cameras

Mobile World Congress may well have been last week, but there’s still a bit of smartphone news floating around, with one piece that may end up improving cameras dramatically.

That’s the news coming from Huawei, which only recently announced a new Windows tablet would be coming, but has also decided to inform the world that it has a new partner, and it’s a rather unlikely one: Leica.

Yes, the company behind some of the more legendary cameras with even more legendary glass will be working with Huawei shortly as the two companies have entered what they call a “strategic partnership”.

“The strategic alliance between Huawei and Leica Camera demonstrates the desire of two rapidly growing and globally active brands to continuously push the envelope of the technologically possible,” said Oliver Kilter, CEO of Leica Camera.

“The technology partnership with Huawei offers Leica Camera an excellent opportunity to introduce its proven optical expertise into a new product segment and to unlock exciting business areas in the field of mobile devices. Smartphones make a very important contribution to the world of photography and open an important door for Leica to new target groups and fields of application.”

That quote from Leica practically confirms that the company will be working with Huawei on smartphones, but right now, there’s little news as to what products this will affect and when specifically phones or tablets from Huawei could arrive with Leica glass.

Still, we’ll let you know when news comes out of Huawei that reflects what this deal affects, with Huawei adding that more details “will be shared as the partnership continues”.