Hubbl now lets you watch Kayo Freebies without an account

Hubbl Kayo Freebies

Foxtel’s Hubbl streaming platform gets another bonus to set itself apart from competitors, adding free Kayo Sports content to its library.

Now when you jump onto Hubbl, you’ll notice a selection of Kayo Freebies available to stream. Accessible from the platform’s home screen or the sports section, it won’t cost you a cent to watch various competitions and highlights.

Although live AFL and NRL games still require a paid subscription, Kayo Freebies covers a decent range of sports. NBL1, Australia’s top-tier winter basketball league, Super Netball, and selected F1 events are among more than 35 sports free to stream.

Normally, Kayo Freebies requires you to register for an account before you can watch any of the included content. Via Hubbl, you don’t need a Kayo Sports account to start watching.

The Kayo catch on Hubbl

Kayo Freebies is advertised to offer the “same features as a full Kayo subscription”. This includes SplitView, a feature enabling up to four different streams on one screen simultaneously. For the sports die-hards, it’s a terrific feature. Can’t decide between watching the AFL or NRL? Stream both at once!

Ironically, Hubbl isn’t one of the SplitView-supported devices, despite coming from the same company as Kayo Sports. So, while the login-free access to free content is nice, some of the best features are missing.

It’s a similar story to the Hubbl hardware itself. There’s a lot of promise, aggregating streaming services together cohesively, but the user experience is currently lacking.

One benefit it does offer, however, is the ability to bundle subscriptions together at a discounted rate. This takes between $5 to $15 off your monthly streaming bill, albeit mainly across Foxtel services. Other than Kayo Sports, Binge, Flash, and Lifestyle, Netflix is the only non-Foxtel streamer eligible for bundling.

Compare this with Optus SubHub, a platform offering lighter discounts but across a much wider range of services. At the moment, Hubbl is best suited to a very specific customer due to its narrower scope.

Easy access to free sport on Kayo is a decent move for Hubbl. Now it needs to tidy up its hardware performance to compete with the likes of Apple TV, Fetch, and Fire TV.

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