Husqvarna’s robot mower gets a brother, takes on the big backyard

The future is coming, and it will arrive with a robot butler, maid, and groundskeeper. Only the latter is currently available, however, and while it’s sure to give your dog the freaks, the Automower 265ACX will help keep your backyard in trim, without you having to intervene.

Inspired by the humble sheep – baaaaaa – the Automower is the big brother of Husqvarna’s 305, an automatic robotic lawnmower that uses small razor blades to cut away at grass in small sections, gradually going over an entire yard or field until the grass has returned, ready for it to be trimmed again.

Larger than any other robot lawnmower in Australia, the 265ACX weighs just under 13 kilograms and can service a 230 square metre area per hour, working by itself and charging itself with quick-charge lithium ion batteries.

If you do need to intervene, the mower will automatically switch off its cutting blades the moment it’s lifted off the ground. It can be programmed to send a text message to a phone in this event – a nifty security measure against anyone stealing the GPS-equipped $4999 lawnmower.

So it’s not a lawnmower to suit everyone’s pocket, but if you have a yard that’s big enough to warrant the biggest robot groundskeeper in the country (or need to keep the weeds down in the top paddock) the 265ACX will be available shortly.