iClone: Will the real iPhone please stand up?

Do you have an Android phone but wished you had an iPhone? The one-dollar application “iClone” available on Android Market will let you get the iPhone look without needing to buy one.

The functionality isn’t all there, but iClone does its best to give you the same interface we’ve all seen on iPhones, complete with the softened box icons (also known as “squircles”) and menus sliding from left to right.

From left to right: Apple iPhone 4, Google Nexus S, HTC Desire

Apple’s icons now show up on our iClone screen, with our “App Store” and “Safari” icons linking to the Android equivalents and not the Apple originals. When it comes to running apps like “Notes” or “iPod”, iClone will ask you to install extra programs to get this functionality.

Sadly, it’s not exactly like iOS and you can’t move icons around or add your own programs to the screen. You do get a button to let you access “All Apps”, showing all of your programs on one scrolling screen, but it’s not exactly like an iPhone.

Still, the idea is there and if you’re after a more Apple-esque look for your Android phone, it’s only a dollar away.

iClone’s interface as seen on the Google Nexus S.