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# DeleteFacebook is a rapidly growing movement that has seen over US$80 billion wiped off Facebook’s share price, or Faecesbook as it is now known, since the ‘Fit hit the Shan’ on 16 March. Shares are going to tumble further.

While this is not good for shareholders who are jumping ship like lemmings, we hope it is translating into masses of the 2.2 billion users invoking # DeleteFacebook.


GadgetGuy does not often make political statements, but unless you protest by doing a # DeleteFacebook, the recidivists will continue to get away with the most significant privacy abuse in history.

Why do we hope you will # DeleteFacebook? No one company should have that much knowledge – power. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It is time to put the handbrake on rampant privacy abuse. Mark Zuckerberg et al., have proven beyond any doubt that they don’t deserve our trust.

Read what Channel Seven Sunrise GadgetGuy Val Quinn had to say about # DeleteFacebook issues.

A half-hearted apology does not make things better

Zuckerberg made a half-hearted attempt to apologise over the Cambridge Analytica debacle, but it was a non-apology, a streak of brilliant wordsmithing.

Simply the best Politspeak obscuring what he means, and he is not sorry. Zuckerberg knows exactly what Facebook does, and at best gives lip service to tightening control. If you believe him sincere, you believe in Santa Claus.

But just when things seemed to have settled down came ‘Callageddon.’

This week Facebook users were rocked by the discovery that Faecesbook was caught shitting all over its user’s privacy again.

Facebook Messenger was caught storing all voice, and text messages and Telco carried phone calls to and from your Contacts. All that information including speech converted to text and mined for keywords ends up your profile. What next WhatsApp and Instagram spying? LOL if it was not so dangerous.

GadgetGuy has covered Feacesbook’s blatant attempt to capture user’s web visits via its Onavo VPN. Nothing seems sacred to this company.

If something is free, then its product is you!

The Sydney Daily Telegraph revealed that a YouGov Galaxy survey conducted just before the scandal broke showed

  • 80% of users were concerned that their personal information was being sold.
  • 62% do not trust Facebook
  • 74% feel identity could be stolen based on their Facebook page
  • 84% have noticed targeted advertising after a search
  • 54% want to see what information Facebook has and amend/delete it
  • 56% think they should be paid for the information as they are its product
  • Only 15% feel Facebook keeps their data safe and believe in the Easter Bunny too

Repeat that survey today, – I suspect 100% would not trust Facebook.