IK makes a mobile mic for mobile music makers

You can do lots of neat things with a phone and tablet. You can surf the web. You can work on documents. You can even make music, and that last one is getting a boost with a new mobile microphone coming shortly.

Built by a company that spends a lot of time designing musical appcessories for the iDevices produced by Apple, the iRig Mic HD is the latest sound accessory from IK Multimedia, and had been designed to offer a decent handheld recording experience that is compatible with mobiles, tablets, and even those of you who still use desktop and laptop computers.

The microphone is one of the more interesting parts, sporting a port that can plug in different cables which make it compatible with several devices, with a cable made for the iPhone 5’s Lightning port, a cable made for the older 30-pin iPod Dock Connector, and even a standard USB port for Apple Mac computers.

Outside of the connections, the iRig Mic HD brings with it the ability to record at either 44.1 or 96kHz, with a pre-amp that has been built for low-noise and strong definition. We’re told the casing is metal, making it more likely to survive a road trip, and it’s a standard size which means it can even be used in a mic stand, if you’re using one of those.

Also of note is the compatibility, and while iRig mostly develops its sound gear for people with either an Apple iDevice or something with Mac OS installed, a representative for IK Multimedia told GadgetGuy that “the support is primarily for Apple devices but many Android and Windows devices will work with iRig Mic HD” and “due to the huge number of different models, we cannot guarantee the compatibility with all of them.”

That’s good news for any Android user who can find a way of plugging this in, although your options may be a bit limited, since there is no cable that goes directly to microUSB, so you’ll need a USB converter if you plan to try this out. Windows users (computer, not the phone) can probably go for their life, however.

Pricing in Australia for the iRig Mic HD hasn’t been announced, though with an overseas listing of roughly $100, we suspect our equivalent won’t be too far off. Expect it locally some time before the cooler months arrive in the middle of the year.