In control with Bang & Olufsen – the Beo5

Exhibiting the trademark design credentials of its Danish maker, the Beo5 is Bang & Olufsen’s first touchscreen universal learning remote, and according to the company, benefits from the company’s ‘extensive experience with user interfaces’.

Designed to operate Bang & Olufsen products manufactured as far back as the late ’60s, as well as models into the future, it can also be customised to control motorised curtains, blinds, lighting systems, screens, lifts and projectors. The Beo5 can control systems in several rooms of the house simultaneously, has a range of around 40 metres and, to cater for non-digital TV-equipped Bang and Olufsen televisions, can operate several non-B&O branded digital TV receivers.  An in-store survey of the customer’s existing equipment forms the basis of programming for the Beo5 which, carried out in the shop, ensures no complicated setup for the buyer.

The ball-and-square design of the Beo5 is based on the sceptre – the ancient symbol of power and control – and the colour LCD is made of chemically hardened front glass for added robustness. Two different types of touch operations are integrated into the screen: Sensi-touch enables users to detect a button, while Soft-touch allows users to activate a function by directly pressing on the screen. Together, they enable even the fat-thumbed ham-fisted user precise control over all operations. Battery life is rated at three hours for continuous, and 12 hours in standby. Plugged into mains power, it takes five hours to fully recharge.

The Beo5 costs $925.