In-door ice making made easy


Toshiba has announced what the company claims is the only top mount refrigerator available in Australia that automatically makes ice without having to plumb in the unit.

The refrigeratorrs ice is created from water stored inside a tank in a compartment of the refrigerator which is pumped into the freezer and dispensed automatically into a storage tub. The unit stops making ice when the storage tub is full and recommences as needed.

All Toshiba fridges also include plasma deodorizer with minus ion technology designed to reduce odours and eliminate bacteria which can circulate in the fridge and cross contaminate food. This technology works by removing ethylene gas from the air (a gas thatts produced as fruit and vegetables decompose), extending the storage life of fresh produce.

Toshiba refrigerators also feature a spring compressor construction which reduces operating noise and a full two year parts and labour warranty, plus an additional three years (parts only) on the unitts sealed refrigeration system.

Toshiba offers two Automatic Ice Maker refrigerators in white (around $1,499 RRP) or pewter (around $1,599 RRP), models GR-M55ADA and GR-H55TAA2.

Source: Toshiba