Infinity USB-C multi-cable – USB PD to 100W

Infinity USB-C multi-cable
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The Infinity USB-C multi-cable is a USB-C, Apple Lightning and Micro-USB all-in-one cable. It supports 100W USB PC charging.

Instead of buying three cables, all you need is the infinity USB-C multi-cable.

Better still the Infinity multi-cable is made by Aussie based Chargeasap, who also made the UNO USB-A multi-cable that received 4.9-out-of-5 in GadgetGuy’s review.

OK, the Infinity multi-cable is the UNO on 100W steroids – the previous version supported QC 4.0 to 18W. And like UNO it considerably exceeded its Kickstarter target – this time taking just 18 minutes!

Note: Please do not confuse the name Infinity USB-C multi-cable with the Infinity cable recall a couple of years ago.

What is the Infinity USB-C multi-cable?

It is USB-C at one end of the 1.2m 4x 3000D nylon braided cable (2m option available). At the other end is a magnetic (2 x N52 grade neodymium magnets) locking dock that accepts Infinity USB-C, Lighting and Micro-USB adapters.

Data transfer rate is still 480Mbps (USB 2.0) so its not a substitute for a USB-C 5 5/10Gbps or Thunderbolt 3 (20/40Gbps).

But it will carry both QC 4 and USB-C PD 100W (up to 20V/5A), so it works with Macbooks et al.

Infinity USB-C multi-cable


We tested

  • A range of Lightning, micro-USB and USB-C devices and all worked flawlessly.
  • Electrical impedance (whether it adds resistance to a circuit) and there was none.
  • Data throughput on various devices and it made no difference to using an original cable.
  • Deadweight (over 500g) and ‘jerk’ resistance – it holds on with similar strength to the old Apple MagSafe charger, meaning it will not pull out unless reasonable force is applied.
  • Variety of chargers – Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Belkin and more to 45W
  • And 100W charging
Infinity USB-C multi-cable

All tests passed.

GadgetGuy’s take – Infinity USB-C multi-cable is a handy addition to my travel kit

Ever since we reviewed the UNO, it has been in daily use. This ups the ante by adding 100W charge support.