inkl gives you an inkling of the real news

inkl is an Australian developed iOS or Android app offering a curated selection of the world’s best news coverage brought to you unlocked in one handy app.

inkl brings all the important world news by creating relationships with leading sources like The New York Times, Washington Post, The Financial Times, The Sydney Morning Herald and recently The Wall Street Journal, to you conveniently and cost-effectively. It’s a bit like a Spotify or Netflix for news.

It is the brainchild of Gautam Mishra, former Director of Strategy, Data and Research at Fairfax where he launched and ran online subscriptions for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. He foresaw the decline in advertising revenue and believes the future of journalism and news lies in a subscription format. It is the only way the industry can survive in the long term. Inkl is a subscription-based aggregator of quality news, no clickbait, fake news, paywalls, ads or sensationalism.

“inkl is a beacon of hope for the troubled news sector. If you can give readers quality coverage without wasting their time, they will happily pay for it,” says Gautam.

The algorithms developed by the inkl team ensure you see the stories the editorial teams from reputable newsrooms feel are important, rather than the most clicked on stories. This way you get access to more great journalism and less TV show recaps and celebrity gossip.

Since its inception in 2014 inkl has grown to include over 40 of the world’s best newspapers and is used by people in over 200 countries.

inkl also offers a ‘Dive Deeper’ option, where you can escape your bubble of like-minded people and media and have a look at what others have to say on a particular matter. Users can also filter their inkl news feeds by category, so if you’re particularly interested in politics and technology stories, you can easily fill your feed with stories from those categories. You can also stop the feeds from publications that hold no interest for you.

Another bonus feature is the ‘read later’ function. If you see an article that interests you but you are short of time simply click ‘read later’ and inkl will save the story for you.  Or if you find you need a lift, skip to the ‘Good News’ section to hear about the great stuff happening in the world.

inkl offers a full subscription free of charge for 30 days. Following that trial period users can choose between three plans:

  • 10c per article (100 articles for $10)
  • $15/month (unlocks all content except The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s)
  • $25/month (unlocks all content)