Instagram-like app comes to Android, and it’s called Lightbox

Users of Apple’s iOS have had a retro camera app for some time, allowing them to share photos shot in a vintage style from their smartphone. Sadly, Instagram still hasn’t made its way to Android, but that doesn’t matter as there’s a new toy in town.

Lightbox is a new app for Android that can grab images shot by a phone camera and run them through vintage camera filters in a similar fashion to Instagram.

Take a picture using your Android camera app, crop it, choose a filter, and you're good to upload.

Much like Instagram, the server will upload your filtered photos to an image-based social network, this one hosted by Lightbox. Images can be automatically shared on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Foursquare, allowing a good quantity of popular social networks access to your vintage photo stream.

While Instagram is currently iOS only, Instagram has said that an Android version of its famed app is coming, but hasn’t said when. Until then, you may want to give the free app Lightbox a try.

People can look at your photos if they're set to public, and you can browse through lots of other photos shot by everyone else.